80/20L™ Pillars

Work Safely

NuPulsePRO™ 80/20L™ begins with Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) communications and compliance. It takes a minute to write a safety rule; an hour to hold a safety meeting; a week to plan a safety program and a lifetime to make a safe worker. But it takes only one second to destroy it all with a single accident. We wisely weave HSE into every functional area of your business. We simplify the complex with our turnkey HSE system to ensure the well-being of every associate while producing money-saving productivity.

NuPulsePRO™ provides a turnkey Hazard Communication Program (HCP) Certification compliant with OSHA 29 CFR 1926.59. Let NuPulsePRO™ train and certify your company to avoid the risk of an OSHA penalty.

Build Quality

You can deliver products and services on-time, but customers could care less if you fail to deliver on quality. Quality unites an organization. Pride of workmanship and ownership of operation is in the heart and soul of every associate. NuPulsePRO™ 80/20L™ builds quality into each critical-to-quality step of the order fulfillment process. We will help you build a culture where associates demonstrate their ability to produce quality safely and productively.

Run Productively

The critical path to productive work starts with safety and quality. Get the first two right and hearts and minds will connect with great purpose. The NuPulsePRO™ 80/20L™ holistically synergizes organizations by prioritizing people above process. This vital priority recognizes that people own the process and that all work is a process. Your people will learn to think, talk and behave like business owners helping you create a competitive advantage resulting in happy customers and profitable growth.