NuPulse PRO SaaS is the Ideal Business-Value-Builder!

NuPulse PRO SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a Business Development Process and Employee Training Tool that links everyone in your organization to the Mission. It can be used by any business leader in a step-by-step way to plan, run, improve and effectively grow your business. NuPulse PRO SaaS gives business leaders the power to create an exciting organization that stays focused & energized while people turn goals into actions and results.

NuPulse PRO SaaS is the ideal Turn-Key Solution for business start-ups, mature businesses and those in succession…everything you need is at your fingertips. 

NO License Fees. NO Start-Up Fee. NO IT Connections. NO Additional Resources. NO Massive Implementation Plan. No Complicated Agreements — just plug, play and up, up and away!

Create Your Business, Departmental, Supplier & Customer DASHBOARDS with NuPulse PRO SaaS!

Automated Green, Yellow and Red color-coding will visually display actual PERFORMANCE compared to GOALS company-wide.

Reduce Waste, Boost Morale and Improve Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cycle Time, Inventory, Productivity, Sales and Profitability!

We provide a powerful training curriculum of  EIGHT superior productivity tools to educate people and drive improvement:

1. Dashboards  2. Accomplishments   3. Company-Wide Messaging   4. Strategic Planning  5. Problem-Solving   6. Six Sigma   7. Lean   8. Meeting Agenda

Invest in people, pursue flawless execution and experience exciting growth by implementing NuPulse PRO SaaS and get the best out of your business.

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Align Your Organization in Only 20 Minutes Per Day

NuPulsePRO™ tracks total company performance, pulling together data from safety, quality, production, sales, engineering, finance, marketing and more. This focuses and aligns your employees around the organization’s mission and vision.

Strategic Planning & Problem Solving Simplified

NuPulsePRO™ delivers to your fingertips only the most essential information to guide you in solving problems more effectively and planning your organization’s strategies while easily staying aligned with its vision, mission and objectives.

Communicate Clearly and Instantly

Motivate your team by displaying your company’s stats where everyone can see them. The manufacturing dashboard gives an instant visual update, and it’s perfect to display on several screens throughout your facility.

All Your Data in One Place

Tap into real knowledge instead of sorting through endless spreadsheets. NuPulsePRO™ tracks 50+ key performance indicators to calculate how you’re doing in eight crucial categories across your company.

Boost Business Results

This manufacturing management software drives real business results. Improve safety, quality, on-time delivery, productivity, employee morale and customer success. Reduce cost of quality and inventory.

Leverage Powerful Data for Less

Extracting data from your ERP or business operating system can be slow and costly. Instead of running expensive special reports, tap into key metrics every day with the NuPulsePRO™ manufacturing software solution.

Focus on the Right Metrics

NuPulsePRO™ operates on a proprietary 80/20 Leadership Model™, helping you focus your time where it counts most. The dashboard acts as a guideline for making effective leadership decisions and navigating competing priorities.

Give Powerful Presentations

Stop spending hours pulling together business results in PowerPoint and Excel. NuPulsePRO™ creates a visual business scorecard that shows how you’re doing each week, so you can create and deliver powerful presentations almost instantly.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Continuously improve your business and leadership with the NuPulsePRO™ manufacturing app. Over the first year, expect to move from the minors all the way up to the big leagues as you work toward a 4-to-1 competitive advantage.

The real value of NuPulse PRO SaaS is…

…in the people behind it. People bring out the best in people and our SaaS makes that possible.  Dr. Donald O. Clifton (1924-2003), Gallup’s Father of Strengths Psychology and Inventor of the Clifton StrengthsFinder® discovered in his research that our lives are predominantly shaped by our interactions with others. Every interaction makes a difference. These interactions accumulate and profoundly impact our lives. So, after Donald and his colleagues conducted millions of interviews, focusing on the positive instead of the negative, he and his grandson, Tom Rath, wrote a book titled, How Full is Your Bucket?.

We designed and developed NuPulse PRO SaaS with the goal of helping leaders in every organization become bucket-fillers. Leaders need to shine a light on what’s right about people to increase the positive emotional energy that’s needed to optimize teamwork and results.

NuPulse PRO SaaS was also built with B. Fuller’s assertion in mind, “If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” NuPulse PRO SaaS is that tool.

In a world of more, better and faster, the simplicity and wisdom of NuPulse PRO SaaS offers every leader an opportunity to experience the joy of work like never before.

Ready for a test drive?

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take our system for a test drive and we’re certain you’re going to love how easy it is to use and how it simplifies and clarifies your daily management tasks.

Our affordable solutions may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.


NuPulsePRO™ offers a 14-day trial basis for any plan. If you don’t love our system after 14 days, you get a full refund.


Plan and execute your business in 24 minutes per day, as we help focus your time and effort where it counts most.


Over the first year, expect to move from the minors up to the big leagues as you work toward a 4-to-1 competitive advantage.