Many great options to choose from!

Let’s Work Together Using Our Advisory and Professional Certification Options

  • Advisor Meeting

    • Gain valuable business insights in a 60 minute phone meeting
    • Board of Director role or project based advisory agreements available

$500 / Meeting

  • Lean 6 Sigma

    • 5-7 participants attending 1-hour bi-weekly team meetings
    • 6 month Professional LSS Specialist Certification

$9,700 / Team

  • Professional-Mgt

    • 60 minute 1:1 bi-weekly meeting on CTQ business management process
    • 6 month Professional Management Certification

$3,400 / Person

  • 80/20L™ IOS

    • 1-hour bi-weekly meeting with business process integration team
    • 6 month Professional 80/20L IOS Gold Certification


Turnkey Safety Compliance, World Class Quality Workshop and Business Dashboard Options

  • Turnkey Safety (HSE) Compliance

  • Health






    (Turnkey Safety System)

$17,500 Installed

  • World Class Quality Workshop

  • CTQ





    5-7 Participants

    (World Class TQM Certification)


  • SaaS Business eDASHBOARD

  • Dashboards with KPC & KPI

    Strategic Planning

    Lean 6 Sigma

    Problem Solving

    Managing Meetings

    …and more!

    (Basic DIY Training)

$3,400 / Year Subscription

  • Custom Business WALL DASHBOARD

  • Safety







$13,700 Installed

Experience our Onsite Professional Business Support

NuPulse PRO provides 3 levels of business management and special project services. Each level varies in terms of business depth, scope and value covering three business life-cycle phases:

          1. Start-Up (Strategy, Structure and Process)
          2. Sustainment (Lead, Manage, Improve and Grow)
          3. Succession (Prepare Next Generation Leadership Transition)

Every client has a unique set of circumstances based on business maturity and strategic wants and needs. Service levels will often overlap as the ‘way forward’ brings out discovery and new perspective. Here’s an overview of these 3 service levels:

Service Level 1

    • Focused Improvement (Assessment, Analysis and Implementation)
    • Project Oriented / Site Specific
    • Typical Service Period: 6-12 Weeks
    • Target ROI: 4:1
    • Typical Fee: Negotiable / Charter Based

Service Level 2

    • Functional / Multi-Functional Management
    • Total Business Management
    • Typical Service Period: 6-18 Months
    • Target ROI: 4:1
    • Typical Fee: Negotiable / Charter Based

Service Level 3

    • Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Pro forma and Presentation
    • Build / Maximize Business Value
    • Typical Service Period: 6-12 Months
    • Target ROI: 4:1
    • Typical Fee: Negotiable / Charter Based

Welcome to NuPulse PRO

We sincerely enjoy serving entrepreneurial business owners and want to get our proven solutions into as many business leader’s hands as possible. We believe your company deserves a strong ROI for the money you invest. We keep our business costs down so we can pass on the savings to you. It is our goal and commitment to deliver real value.

We serve at your pleasure by earning your confidence and trust.


NuPulsePRO offers a 14-day SaaS test trial. If you don’t love our system after 14 days, you get a full refund.


Plan and execute your business in 24 minutes per day, as we help focus your time and effort where it counts most.


Over the first year, expect to move from the minors up to the big leagues as you work toward a 4-to-1 competitive advantage.