What We Do

We Transform Leaders and Business Results in Real-Time

NuPulse PRO will create a vibrant new pulse in your organization through people and process transformation. As result, productive human energy will resonate throughout your company producing competent and compassionate employees who enthusiastically share their positive stories with each other, in the community and marketplace.

We believe that superior business performance is a by-product of bringing out the best in people…because people are the company. Training and equipping current and future leaders in the course of everyday business is what we do best because it matters most. Your real-time and real-life business is our classroom.

Our approach is not business-as-usual because we understand the human dilemma that is relevant in every organization. We specialize in people and process transformation. We lead by serving and serve by leading.

We do more than just educate, we Educate-to-Action™. We don’t attempt merely to inform, but to transform knowing that real change happens from the inside out and that requires a new way of thinking and acting.

Our proprietary 80/20L™ Integrated Operating System, which includes our powerful SaaS business development and employee training processwill keep your people focused and motivated to sustain positive business results.

We specialize in keeping things simple and delivering practical solutions to everyday problems. We’ll help you lead and manage the day-to-day work so that you can enjoy more of your life outside of it…with far less stress and much more success.

We Create High-Performance Work Environments

We can help you overcome your biggest business obstacles and experience success and fulfillment on your terms like never before.

Our 80/20L™ Integrated Operating System will help you produce employee interactions that will fuel positive action day-after-day until it becomes a self-sustaining catalyst.

Achieving Business Operational Excellence  BizOpeX  is not happenstance. It can be successfully accomplished by discovering your untapped leadership potential in a new and exciting way. We’ll help you lead inside the BOX.

80/20L™ fosters pride of workmanship and ownership of operation in every area of your business. Your people will learn to think, talk and behave like business owners.

We will help you create a competitive advantage by mastering the fundamentals of leadership and management.

We help you master:

  • Communication
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation

We Deliver Real Value

Dear Readers,

The rewards you gain in life are often determined by the problems you solve.

Problems are like assets and how you solve them will define you as a leader.

Successful business practitioners know it’s important to define reality and communicate with vision. They understand that this is the difference between informing people and transforming them and the businesses they serve.

Human nature has its flaws and people tend to naturally drift over time. Therefore, every organization that employs people is constraint-challenged. Understanding this fact is the key to effective leadership. That was my starting-point in creating 80/20L™, which is a profound socratic strategy for creating work environments that bring out the best in people.

In essence, 80/20L™ is a creative form of business choreography where people consistently interact with purposeful strategic intent. It is unique to every organization. The goal is to perfect and promote communication and entrepreneurialism. 80/20L™ is the pursuit of high-value outcomes via team-focused execution.

Charles F. Kettering, American inventor, engineer, businessman and founder of 186 patents said, “Take good care of the future because that’s where you’re going to spend the rest of your life. The best way we can help [young] people…is to make sure they have a chance to develop three qualities they’ll need most: Vision to see things as they really are; Imagination to dream greatly things as they can be, and Courage so they act boldly to make their dreams come true.”

If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. Leaders who solve problems will never lack followers. Write me today to discover how we might charter a course that will turn your biggest business problems into valuable assets.

Sincere regards,

Curtis Chocholous
Founder & CEO

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