When Leaders Connect

When Leaders Connect

Numbers Multiply When Leaders Connect 

I was waiting, watching, hoping and asking myself, will our CEO ever say something truly inspirational to help unite our company? Numbers. More numbers. Numbness. One associate remarked, ‘If we are doing so well, why do I feel so lousy?’

Nope. It never happened. Not one single word of anything inspirational. Hearts become heavy and minds grow weary when leaders fail to engage, inspire and unite. People naturally feel unappreciated when numbers dominate leadership presentations and conversations. They become apathetic and disengaged. Organizational dissension, resentment and various forms of dysfunction are not far behind.

Strategies, objectives, goals, statistics and bottom line numbers, although important, do not inspire or unite people. Only leaders can inspire and unite people — and that requires a real-life personal connection. Numbers are nothing more than indicators to keep people aware of how the business is performing. Numbers, including profit, are the by-products of leadership. Most importantly, numbers multiply when people count.

Numbers Measure Business Progress, Not People

Performance metrics are as dry as dust and equally boring. Similar to a sport’s event, we need to keep score to know if we are winning or losing and how to respond as result. Winning matters. Things naturally come easier when you are winning. People like to win and they like being on a winning team. People don’t [normally] wake up every morning thinking, ‘How can I find a way to lose today?’

Leaders are failing everywhere to show and convince people that they are more valuable than metrics.

  “Worldwide, [only] 13% of Employees Are Engaged at Work — low workplace engagement offers opportunities to improve business outcomes.”  -Gallup

People Count When Leaders Connect 

According to a client CEO, “If there’s no emotion, there’s no commitment.” This is the secret behind The Law of Connection, in John Maxwell’s book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

It’s the leader’s job to initiate interaction and make connections with people. The stronger the Relational-Capacity between humans the more likely people will respond favorably to the leader and as result consistently perform well.

The NuPulse PRO™  80/20 Leadership™ system makes that bonding connection possible and can be applied to every organization. Autonomy, relationships and competence fill the Free Space of healthy business communities.

It is with the heart that people believe and connect…great leaders know that when people count numbers multiply.

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