When Speed is a Trap

When Speed is a Trap

Honeywell International, Inc., Chairman of the Board and former CEO (2002-2017), Dave Cote asserted, ‘we must go slow to go fast.’ I agree with the premise of Mr. Cote’s statement as it relates to business start-ups, product and process development, building new relationships and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, fast starts and painful endings with lasting consequences are seemingly more common.

No doubt about it, we live in busy, high-speed and increasingly stressful times. I’m reminded of a story that Patrick Morley told in his book, The Man in the Mirror. Patrick threw a going-away party for a man from Sweden named Ragne (RAWG-nee). Patrick states, ‘When all were finished, I asked Ragne to tell the most interesting thing he had learned about Americans. Without hesitation he said in a thick, Scandinavian accent, “Well, when I first got here, everywhere I would go, everyone would always say to me, Ragne, so good to see you. How are you doing? It took me about six months to realize–nobody wants an answer!’

Insincere social greetings might seem like a rather trivial thing to highlight, but maybe it’s also a good indication of how many business organizations function this way today. I’ve lived it and I know it when I see it in small, medium, large, private and public companies. High-speed and low-drag makes perfect sense as it relates to an aircraft in the sky, but it’s an alluring deception at organizational ground-level. Business leaders and their people are so busy, besieged and busting-at-the-seams over-loaded that they simply just don’t really want to know how you or anyone else is doing.

The apparent reality and uneasy feeling that many business owners, leaders and workers share is that they simply lack the human capacity, time and energy to help others outside their immediate sphere. Their uneasy feeling is real. Fortunately, their reality is apparent caused by reactive energy losses and out-of-phase human interactions. The good news is that those energy losses can be recovered and regenerated to optimize human and business potential.

At NuPulse PRO™, we invented the 80/20 Leadership™ system to help organizations keep their people in phase with each other so that all the pushing and pulling results in high-value outcomes. In other words, we optimize how people work together in a way that synchronizes time, talent and energy to generate ‘real’ power, true productivity and high-value results.

Speed is a trap when you’re caught like a rat in a maze.

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